Treasures of Mt. Takao

The natural forest widely remain in Mt. Takao which is different from the man-made forests in nearby area. The south face is warm temperate forest with trees like oak trees and the north face is temperate forests with trees like Fagus crenata. About 30 kinds of animals including mammals such as flying squirrel and squirrel, reptile, amphibia and fish inhabits that prefers Mt. Takao's varieties of species of preys and forests. One way to enjoy exploring Mt. Takao is to find these animal's nests.

Pipistrellus abramus (Japanese Common Pipistrelle)
Pipistrellus abramus (Japanese Common Pipistrelle) Japanese Common Pipistrelle
Main region: Throughout Japan except Hokkaido and also in China, Korean peninsula and Taiwan. Most bats often found even in Tokyo areas that fly randomly by changing directions in late afternoon are this species. Another name is Ie-komori literally meaning bats at home because they sometimes live in groups in the ceilings. In city areas, often live in spaces under bridges and elevated railway. Are active at night but become active from late afternoon and hunt for small insects such as mosquitoes in grasslands and riverbeds. The life span differs by gender, male for one year and female for six years.

●Body Length  about 4 to 6 cm
●Season  April to about October
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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