Welcome to the gateway of curiosity.

At 599 meters, Mount Takao is certainly not a tall mountain. However, it is a dense and imposing mountain.
The entire 599 meters of Mount Takao thrives with genuine natural, historical and cultural beauty only available here. Mount Takao will be the object of everyone's pride and affection for a hundred more years to come
The charm of this wonderful natural environment, pride of the world, will be communicated through from the TAKAO 599 MUSEUM, allowing for a new way to enjoy Mount Takao. Mount Takao is not just for climbing. It's also a mountain inviting you to a curious world full of fresh new surprises and discoveries. Welcome to the new Mount Takao.

Let's “SHARE.”

  • 1 Attractions of Mt. Takao.

    Send out unique attractions of Mt. Takao including ecosystem, history and cultures through distinctive visuals and exhibitions.
    This is a place to encounter the new discoveries and surprises.

  • 2 Future of Mt. Takao

    Think and create how the Mt. Takao should be in 50 years time and 100 years time.
    Also enhance the curiosity of children who will be responsible of future of Mt. Takao through the facility that enables people to experience all about Mt. Takao.

  • 3 Information of Mt. Takao

    Seasonal attractions, what to prepare for mountain climbing, introduction of trails and emergency alerts such as closed traffic.
    How to explore and enjoy Mt. Takao. Museum will be in charge of introducing Mt. Takao in a new way.

  • 4 As a public space in Mt. Takao

    Museum is open for everyone including sightseeing and climbing visitors and citizens.
    The terrace and café inside and outside of the facility provide the pleasant atmosphere. It also connects people and plays a role as a place for communication creating new possibilities.

Visit guidance

Information for visitors

Name of the facility TAKAO 599 MUSEUM
Address 2435-3 Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo 193-0844
Phone: 042-665-6688
FAX 042-668-8631
Opening Hours: 8:00~17:00 (from April to November) (Last admission at 16:30)
8:00~16:00 (from December to March) (Last admission at 15:30)
* Opening hours might change due to events.
* Please see here for the opening hours of the cafe.
Closed Open all year round
* Closed occasionally for maintenance We plan to close on Thursday 7 March, Thursday 4 April, Thursday 6 June, Thursday 4 July, Friday 9 August, Thursday 5 September, Thursday 3 October, Thursday 5 December and Thursday 6 March 2025.
Admission Free
* Some events or special exhibitions may charge admission fees..
* The common space is not free..
* Cafe and museum shops are not free.
Management Designated management company: Keio Agency,INC.(Please seehere for details



4 min. walk from Takaosanguchi Sta. of Keio Line.

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* Please use these files just for your personal usage.


There is no parking space in TAKAO 599 MUSEUM. (Just one parking space available for a disabled parking permit)
Please use the following parking spaces in neighboring areas. Please visit each links for details of parking fees.

* There are more parking lots other than stated above.
* There are limited parking lots near Mt. Takao, it is recommended to use public transportations.



Mt. Takao is the mountain for relaxation.

  • 599 CAFE

    This cafe features tables and chairs made of wood sourced from the Tama region arranged in a line overlooking the lawn outside. Enjoy fine coffee and a warm atmosphere. Wi-Fi is also available.

  • 599 SHOP Museum Shop

    Our shop offers unique goods for guests who want to experience more of the nature of Mount Takao, or want to bring home that special souvenir for friends and family.


Feel the great nature by taking a walk in Mt. Takao.

  • 599 GARDEN  Open Space

    In the relaxing open lawn space you’ll find the prominent numbers, 599. The perfect spot to take photos, this monument acts as a bench—the 599 BENCH—symbolizing the museum. The lawn area and the splashing pond where children can enjoy water play are great gathering places for people to sit and relax.

Rental items

The following items are for rentals. Please visit here for details.


TAKAO 599 MUSEUM has the following facilities and equiments for all visitors can enjoy.
Please ask our staff for details.

  • Wheelchairs. (for free)
  • 2 Restrooms (Both on 1st floor and 2nd floor)
  • Nursing room.
  • AED (at the reception desk)

Please read this guidance before using this facility.

We ask all visitors to follow these guidelines for safety. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
In this guidance, the facility means the entire area of the property.

Verboten in the hall

  • Please do not touch any exhibits or its stand unless its otherwise stated.
  • Smoking prohibited in the facility.
  • Please refrain from running within the facility. It is prohibited to wear roller skate or shoes with rollers for safety reason.
  • It is prohibited to have pets in the facility except assistance dogs (guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs or service dogs).
  • Food and drinks are only allowed at the designated area.
    Please also refrain from taking any candies or gums in the facility. Hosting parties is also prohibited in the facility.
  • It is prohibited to sell any products, post any information on bulletin boards or distribute brochures in the facility.
  • Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Please refrain from entering the facility with climbing irons on as it will cause damage to the floor.
  • In Mt. Takao, we practice “take your trash home” activity. We appreciate your cooperation on taking your trash home.
  • It is prohibited to perform dance with music on, play music or perform any activities with noise or vibration which may bother people in neighborhood or other visitors. Talking in a loud voice and using cell phone with a loud voice is also prohibited.
  • Please do not take any equipments out from the facility.
  • Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times.
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