Treasures of Mt. Takao

Mt. Takao has abundant nature with warm-temperature forests and temperate forests. There are a lot more species could be called as "treasure" inhabits other than explained in animals, insects and birds section. Spiders is one of them because they are beneficial insects and its prey is destructive insects. Over 300 species including rare ones inhabits and Mt. Takao is the mountain with the largest number of species of spiders and widely known as a paradise for spiders.

Orobdella octonaria
Orobdella octonaria Orobdellidae
Main Region: Honshu. Found in forests near waterside from flatlands to mountains. It a group of ground leeches becomes larger than 40 cm when the body is stretched. The Japanese name Yatsuwa-kuga-biru, kuga is an old word for ground and yatsuwa means the surface of segments are divided into eight parts that look like wrinkles on the back. Body color varies by region but the species found in Mt. Takao is orangey yellow with black patterns in the center of the back. Prefer wet environment and often found under rocks along waterside and fallen leaves. When the ground is wet on rainy day, comes out on forest trails and often freaks mountain climbers. Is a predator and mainly feed on earthworms and swallow whole earthworms that are larger than own body size. Unlike general leeches, this species is not harmful as they do not suck blood.

●Length  about 10 to 40 cm
●Adults Flight Season  All year
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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