Social Media Account Management Policy

1. Purpose
The Takao 599 Museum (“the museum” below), in managing its official social media accounts, strives to post information in a timely manner for the purposes of promoting understanding of the approach taken by the museum and increasing convenience for users of its social media sites.

2. Posted Information
Information on museum events, exhibitions, related projects and special events, business hours, crowding, etc.

3. Updating
As a general rule, the museum updates information while it is open.

4. Regarding Follows, Retweets, Friends, and Likes
As a general rule, the museum does not follow, retweet, friend, or like other accounts.

5. Replies to Comments
As a general rule, the museum does not reply to opinions expressed or answer questions posted on its social media sites.

6. Suspending and Deleting
The museum will immediately suspend or delete its Twitter or Facebook accounts and/or pages if it becomes difficult for the museum to provide information through such accounts.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
The intellectual property rights for all information (text, images, etc.) posted on the museum’s social media sites belong to Takao 599 Museum and/or the original author. Posted content may not be used, reproduced, or appropriated except in cases where Japan’s Copyright Act recognizes the right to reproduce or cite posted content for personal use.

8. Notes
In the following cases, users’ posts will be deleted without prior notice.
(1) Posts that violate, or possibly violate, laws or regulations
(2) Posts that slander or disparage specific individuals, groups, or other entities
(3) Posts whose purpose is political or religious
(4) Posts that violate copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights belonging to Takao 599 Museum or a third party
(5) Posts whose purpose is publicity, advertising, solicitation, sales activity, or otherwise generating profit
(6) Posts that discriminate, or promote discrimination, based on ethnicity, ideology, creed, etc.
(7) Posts that breach public order or common decency
(8) Posts that are false or not factual
(9) Posts that violate privacy by, for example, posting personal information without the individual’s permission
(10) Posts that use or deliver harmful programs, or possibly use or deliver such programs
(11) Posts whose purpose is to link to a website that contains content that falls under any of the categories listed in (1) through (10)
(12) Posts, in addition to those in the categories listed above, that are deemed inappropriate by Takao 599 Museum

9. Disclaimer
 • The museum does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information posted on its social media sites. For this reason, the museum bears no responsibility for damage incurred by the user or a third party due to the use of information posted on the museum’s social media sites.
 • Takao 599 Museum bears no responsibility for damage incurred by the user or a third party caused by trouble arising between users or trouble arising between a user and a third party in connection with its social media sites.
 • The museum bears no responsibility for any damage arising from posts connected with its social media sites.

10. Other
 • This policy is subject to change as deemed necessary. When changes are made, the public will be notified through such channels as the museum’s website.
 • Although the museum takes the utmost care with information posted on official Takao 599 Museum accounts, please check this website for official museum announcements and policy.
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