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Notes on Using 599WEB

1. Intellectual Property Rights
All content on this website (information, images, text, design, etc.) is protected by intellectual property right and belongs to Hachioji City (“the City” below) or the original author.
Other than cases where personal use is recognized under Japan’s Copyright Act, content on this website may not be used, reproduced, or otherwise modified without the consent of the copyright holder.

2. Disclaimer
Takao 599 Museum (“the museum” below) uses the utmost care when posting information to the website. However, the museum does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information.
The information posted on this website is subject to change by the museum without prior notice.
The museum bears no responsibility for loss or damage sustained by users directly or indirectly due to the use of information or other content contained on the website.

3. Linking
As a general rule, the museum poses no restrictions on linking to its website if and when the link is set under the following terms. When linking to this website under these circumstances, the museum does not require notification. However, websites that violate public order or decency are not allowed to link to the museum website.
* When setting up a link, the link should be represented in a manner that makes it clear that the link is to the Takao 599 Museum official website.
* Do not set up the link in such a way that the museum’s website is displayed directly within the frame of another page or website.

4. System Requirements
For optimal use, this website should be used in the following computer system environments.
* Operating environment
 The following browser settings are recommended for optimal use.
 Enable JavaScript.
 Enable use of cookies.
 Enable style sheet.
 Enable SSL.
* Browser environment
 This website is formatted to operate properly on the following systems and browsers.

Compatible OS
* Computer
 Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8
 Mac OSX 10.5 or higher
* Smart phone
 Android 2.3/4.0
 iPhone iOS 5/6/7

Recommended browsers
* Computer
 Internet Explorer 8/9/10
 Google Chrome
* Smart phone
 Android standard browser
 iPhone Safari

5. Use of Cookies
Cookies are employed to make the viewing of the museum’s website more convenient for users making repeat visits. Cookies do not violate a user’s privacy or negatively impact a user’s computer.
The user may disable cookies in the settings of his or her Internet viewing software (browser). Disabling the cookies will not obstruct or impede the viewing of this website.
For information on how to change browser settings, please check with the manufacturer of the software in use.

6. Privacy Policy
(1) Using this website will not reveal personal information that could identify specific users. Analysis of access logs and other data recorded on the server is used to track overall use trends in order to improve website operation and does not focus on the specific user identity.
(2) Among the personal information provided when submitting an inquiry to the museum, opinions and/or questions are used to better operate and manage the museum and to improve website service. Inquirers’ names, addresses and similar data are, as a general rule, used only for authentication purposes in replying to or verifying an inquiry.
(3) Personal information is not used for purposes other than the purpose for which it was initially obtained. Personal information may, however, be provided to a third party when the permission of the individual has been obtained or when required by law. Personal information that is no longer required is deleted and removed as soon as possible.
(4) The administrator in charge of museum operations is appointed by the City Council and manages these public facilities on behalf of the City. Information collected by the museum is shared between the appointed administrator and the City.
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