Treasures of Mt. Takao

Mt Takao is located at the borderline of warm-temperature zone and cool-temperature zone and various plants from both zones grow. There are a lot of naturally grown plants and their visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. Over 1,500 kinds of plants are confirmed which is relevant to the number of kinds naturally grow in England. Also, over 60 kinds of plants are first found in Mt. Takao such as Takao Sumire (V. yezoensis f. discolor) and Takao Higodai (Saussurea sinuatoides).

Lespedeza bicolor
Lespedeza bicolor Leguminosae
Deciduous shrubs found in sunny forest edge and grasslands in mountains. Is one of autumn seven herbs, when people say hagi, this is the plant widely used. Does not have trunk but have stems with many skinny branches and mostly upright. Three leaflets (leaf-like parts of compound leaves) are as one set and alternate. Leaflets are 2 to 4 cm long, egg-shaped with round tip and white hair on the back. The blooming season is from July to September. Long inflorescence grows from petioles on branches grown in a year and bloom 1.3 to 1.5 cm long red-purple flowers. Calyx is lobed in four. After flowering, bear 1 to 1.5 cm, shell-shaped flat oval-shaped fruits. Have one seed and ripen in October.

●Height about 1 to 2 m
●Place Oku-Takao, Minami-Takao
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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