Treasures of Mt. Takao

Takao 599 museum has all kinds of animals inhabit in Mt. Takao in various ways of exhibitions such as seasonal wild plants preserved in acrylic and all kinds of animals specimens inhibits in Mt. Takao. On the "NATURE WALL," stuffed animals are displayed and shows the movie to introduce the dynamic nature of Mt. Takao.

Vicia unijuga
Vicia unijuga Leguminosae
Perennial herbs (grow for several years from their same root system) found in sunny forest edges and riverbanks. Upright stems have fin-like ribs. Flowers are 1..5 cm long and tips are pointed like butterflies. Color of flowers is red-purple and bloom on 2 to 4 cm inflorescence. Leaves are two-leaves compound leaves and alternate. Each leaf is 3 to 7 cm long, long egg-shaped, hairy and with short petioles. The Japanese name Nanten-hagi was named because the shape of leaves resembles nandina domestica (nanten in Japanese and hagi is bush clover). This is also called Futaba-hagi literally meaning two leaves bush clover named after the two compounded leaves. After flowering, bear 3 cm long loment like peas with three to seven seeds. Sprout in spring is called Azukina and can be eaten as wild vegetable.

●Season  June to about October
●Height  about 30 to 60 cm
●Place  Ura-Takao
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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