Treasures of Mt. Takao

One of great attraction of Mt. Takao is to be able to observe all kinds of birds. Its number is almost 150 kinds which is one third of the species confirmed in all over Japan. Mt. Takao is the paradise for birds and one of the best place for bird watching. Various kinds of birds and its lifestyle could be observed including summer birds come in spring time, winter birds come from the higher altitude and hearing beautiful bird songs during breeding season.

Terpsiphone atrocaudata (Black Paradise Flycatcher)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata (Black Paradise Flycatcher) Selected
Fly back to Japan from Southeast Asia where they spent winter around April and breed in forests from flatlands to mountains. Chirp “two hee hoo shee hoi hoi” sounds like “Moon and star hoi hoi” for most of Japanese, hence the Japanese name is San-ko-chu literally meaning three lights birds. Around eyes and a bill is bright blue. Long tail is three times as large as body length for male and female have short tails. Are active in shady forets and hunt for insects and spiders in the air and at the tips of leaves. Build an upside down conical-shaped nest with moss, barks and threads of spiders. Lay three to five eggs in a season.

●Body Length  Male about 45 cm, female about 18 cm
●Season  April to August (Summer bird, fly to one area from spring to summer for breeding and fly back to southern areas in autumn.)


※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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