Treasures of Mt. Takao

One of great attraction of Mt. Takao is to be able to observe all kinds of birds. Its number is almost 150 kinds which is one third of the species confirmed in all over Japan. Mt. Takao is the paradise for birds and one of the best place for bird watching. Various kinds of birds and its lifestyle could be observed including summer birds come in spring time, winter birds come from the higher altitude and hearing beautiful bird songs during breeding season.

Sphenurus sieboldii (Japanese Green Pigeon)
Sphenurus sieboldii (Japanese Green Pigeon) Selected
They are beautiful birds with a yellow-green body with a light blue bill. Male and female have almost the same body color but the male has purple feathers on wings. They live in a group in broad-leaved forests with Quercus acutissima, maple trees, Quercus crispula blume and hardly ever come out to open spaces. They feed on nuts like acorns, buds and fruits of trees. From early summer to autumn, they fly out to the coast to drink seawater and to hot springs for salty water. During the breeding season, males chirp like “oh ah oh” with lonely tones. In June, they build a dish-shaped nest with twigs and vines on a tree and lay two eggs in a season.

●Body Length  about 33 cm
●Season  January to December (resident bird: a bird that stays in the same area all year round, and wandering bird: a bird that has different areas for breeding and spending winter)


※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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