Treasures of Mt. Takao

Mt Takao is located at the borderline of warm-temperature zone and cool-temperature zone and various plants from both zones grow. There are a lot of naturally grown plants and their visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. Over 1,500 kinds of plants are confirmed which is relevant to the number of kinds naturally grow in England. Also, over 60 kinds of plants are first found in Mt. Takao such as Takao Sumire (V. yezoensis f. discolor) and Takao Higodai (Saussurea sinuatoides).

Cardamine appendiculata
Cardamine appendiculata Cruciferae
Biennial herbs (Sprout in autumn and spent winter and bloom on the following season) found in wet areas in mountains. In Mt. Takao, found in streamside. Are tall for wild plants and easy to find as they grow in clumps. Flowers are white, cross-shaped and 1 cm in diameter but looks white because they bloom in clusters. Leaves are pinnately compound leaves, the leaflets arranged opposite on a leaf stem like wings of birds. The shape of leaves is oval-shaped like eyes with toothed margins (edges of leaves are like a teeth of saw). Have protrusions like ears covering stems at the petioles that are to identify this plant from similar plants of cardamine leucantha with white flowers. Another name in Japanese Datenoumi-konronso was named because it was first found at Datenoumi in Nikko-yumoto, Tochigi prefecture (konronso means cardamine leucantha).

●Season Mid April to Late May
●Height about 30 to 50 cm
●Place Ura-Takao, Minami-Takao
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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