Treasures of Mt. Takao

Mt Takao is located at the borderline of warm-temperature zone and cool-temperature zone and various plants from both zones grow. There are a lot of naturally grown plants and their visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. Over 1,500 kinds of plants are confirmed which is relevant to the number of kinds naturally grow in England. Also, over 60 kinds of plants are first found in Mt. Takao such as Takao Sumire (V. yezoensis f. discolor) and Takao Higodai (Saussurea sinuatoides).

Pertya scandens
Pertya scandens Compositae
They are a small genus of low deciduous shrubs that often grows in the sunny arid forests in the mountain areas, and that shoots many branches at the root to grow close together. The branch is thin and tinged with gray-brown with short trichome. A long ago, people resident at Mt. Kouya-san used to utilize this tree to bundle to make a broom which replaces bamboo besom (Take-bouki). This is how they are named ‘Pertya scandens’ (Kouya-bouki). The blossom seasons are about September to November, and 1 flower blooms at the top of each branch that extends newly that year. The flower consists of small 13 flowers as one and about 1.5 cm long. The top of the flowers are deeply split into 5 and rolled backward. 1-year old leaves are egged-shaped about 2 to 5 cm long, and grow alternative on the branch. 3 to 4 of thin and long leaves verticillate at each knot on the branch that extended the previous year. Both leaves bear short trichome with a shallow sawtooth (sawtooth: Kyoshi, serrated edges like a saw serrated edges at the tip of a leaf).

●Height about 60 cm to 1 m
●Place Trail 5, Mt.Inari, Oku-Takao
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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