Treasures of Mt. Takao

Mt Takao is located at the borderline of warm-temperature zone and cool-temperature zone and various plants from both zones grow. There are a lot of naturally grown plants and their visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. Over 1,500 kinds of plants are confirmed which is relevant to the number of kinds naturally grow in England. Also, over 60 kinds of plants are first found in Mt. Takao such as Takao Sumire (V. yezoensis f. discolor) and Takao Higodai (Saussurea sinuatoides).

Senecio nikoensis
Senecio nikoensis Compositae
Perennial herbs found in wet forest, often along streamside as Japanese name Sawa-giku literally meaning streamside chrysanthemum states. Tall with bright yellow flowers so they are appealing. Flowers are 1 cm in diameter and boom a plenty of them at the end of branches. Seven to thirteen ray flowers and have many tubular flowers. Leaves are alternate, about 3 to 9 cm long and distinctly lobed and feather-like shaped. Radical leaves die during blooming season. After flowering, bears about 1.5 mm long seeds with hairs and flown by the wind. It is also called as Boro-gikku literally meaning waste chrysanthemum because hair resembles cotton waste.

●Season  Early June to about Mid-July
●Height  about 50 cm to 1 m
●Place  Trail 3, Trail 6, Ura-Takao, Oku-Takao
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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