Treasures of Mt. Takao

Mt Takao is located at the borderline of warm-temperature zone and cool-temperature zone and various plants from both zones grow. There are a lot of naturally grown plants and their visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers. Over 1,500 kinds of plants are confirmed which is relevant to the number of kinds naturally grow in England. Also, over 60 kinds of plants are first found in Mt. Takao such as Takao Sumire (V. yezoensis f. discolor) and Takao Higodai (Saussurea sinuatoides).

Actinidia polygama(Silvervine)
Actinidia polygama(Silvervine) Actinidiaceae
Deciduous woody vines found in forest edges from hills to mountains. Twine adjacent plants and become 2 to 5 m. Barks are brown, oval-shaped with many lenticels (an opening that allows gases to be exchanged between air and the inner tissues of a plant). Leaves are 6 to 10 cm long, wide egg-shaped. The ones on upper parts of stems turn to white on surface. Have stems for bisexual flowers and male flowers. Flowers are about 2 cm in diameter and egg-like shaped with five white petals resembling ume flowers. Fruits are 2 to 2.5 cm in diameter and oval-shaped with bill-like pointed tip. Have many seeds inside. Green seeds turn to orange in October as they ripen. The Japanese name Matatabi was named because they can travel again. (Mata-tabi-ga-dekiru in Japanese). But another theory is more wide-spread, that it was named after the word in Ainu language Matatabu.

●Height Vines
●Place Trail 1, Trail 4, Trail 6, Jyataki, Ura-Takao
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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