Photography and Filming

Photography and filming are generally permitted at the museum, if for personal use only.

1. Personal use is restricted in scope to purposes of use by individuals, households, or the equivalent.

2. Photography and filming for the following purposes fall outside the scope of personal use and are therefore prohibited.
•Commercial use involving business activities, marketing, etc.
•Use for printed materials for distribution
•Use for application, submission, etc. to video or photography contests

3. In certain cases, photographing or filming of events and exhibits sponsored by the museum, including special exhibits, is prohibited.

4. Photographing or filming of museum offices, repositories and other administrative areas, or other areas accessible only to museum staff, is prohibited.

5. Use of equipment that could inconvenience other visitors or damage facilities, such as flash photography, supplemental lights, selfie sticks, monopods, tripods, or drones, is generally prohibited.
When photography or filming is necessary as part of media coverage, for example, please contact the museum in advance.

6. Such photographing and filming should not infringe on visitors’ portrait rights.

7. Care must be taken not to bump visitors or art work with cameras or other photography or film equipment.

8. The museum bears no responsibility for any injuries, damage or loss caused by trouble between visitors or between visitors and third parties caused by photography and/or filming.

For inquiries regarding media coverage and photography, please contact:
Tel: 042-665-6688 (from Japan)
+81-42-665-6688 (from outside Japan)
Email: info@takao599museum.jp
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