Treasures of Mt. Takao

Takao 599 museum has all kinds of animals inhabit in Mt. Takao in various ways of exhibitions such as seasonal wild plants preserved in acrylic and all kinds of animals specimens inhibits in Mt. Takao. On the "NATURE WALL," stuffed animals are displayed and shows the movie to introduce the dynamic nature of Mt. Takao.

Skimmia japonica
Skimmia japonica Rutaceae
Evergreen shrubs (less than 1 m tall tree with green leaves throughout a year) found in forests in mountains. In Mt. Takao, found in fir tree forests near mountain ridges. Grow in mountain and braches and leaves resemble skimmia, hence the Japanese name Miyama-sikimi literally meaning deep in the mountain skimmia. Leaves are 4 to 9 cm long, 3 to 5 cm width, oval shaped and mostly at the tips of stems. Texture is leathery with shiny surface and leaf glands (small glands to release secretion) are placed irregularly. The blooming season is March to May and have male and female flowers. Bloom 1 cm in diameter white flowers densely on inflorescence grows from petioles. After flowering, bear 5 to 8 mm spherical shaped fruits and have one seed inside. Turn shiny red as they ripen. The entire plant has poisonous ingredients called skimmianine and is contained in fruits the most. Cause cramps when eaten by mistake.

●Height about 1 to 1.5m
●Place Trail 1, Trail 3 and 4, Mt.Inari
※Quotation from Mount Takao formula application
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